Saved By The Bell | Season 1 | Episode 2 | Review (SPOILERS)

Now live on the Nerd Since ’86 YouTube channel: a full review of the second episode of Peacock’s Saved By The Bell (2020). Watch the video right here! reviews Saved by the Bell (2020), 1×02 Clubs and Cliques

What’s In This Video?

Read on, for a full text breakdown of everything in the video. Perfect for those who are unable to watch!

The Story

Kyle said that the second episode has the two groups of students settling into their new dynamic more.

In this episode, Mac and Daisy teamed up, due to an assignment they had to do. Kyle sarcastically said “that’s what we’d all do,” when mentioning that Daisy demanded she get to do an assignment that she hadn’t previously realised she was required to complete.

He found the Lexi and Devante plot “hilarious,” which focused mostly on Lexi simply attempting to keep Devante in her What’s App group.

Kyle felt that Mac was more likeable in this episode, but that “he’s still entitled, and still a jerk.”

The “Joyce Whitelady” joke, and all of the racist jokes around that character and her group, really amused Kyle.

He called the plot line “good fun,” but was concerned that it suggested a Mac and Daisy romance might be in their future.

Fighting for Equality

Kyle enjoyed how, true to her character from the original series, Jessie was adamant that Slater shouldn’t try to protect his female football player any more than he would a male player.

“It’s not making fun of people showing their feelings,” said Kyle, when discussing the football team being shown to express their feelings to each other. He didn’t feel offended by it, as a man, and thought it did a good job of expressing how different young men [and sports stars] are now.

Were There Laughs?

“I thought it was funny, and definitely better than episode one.” This episode clicked for Kyle, in a way that the first did not achieve.

He felt that viewers need to watch the first two episodes back-to-back, to truly appreciate and understand the style of the show, and what it is trying to achieve.

He called Lexi “a sweetheart.” She’s his favourite character on Saved by the Bell (2020), so far.

Tackling Racism

He said that, when the white mothers were introduced, and how the writing laughed at their behaviour, he finally realised the style of show that Saved by the Bell (2020) wants to be.

“These people exist,” he said about the Joyce Whitelady group. He hopes they are recurring characters.

“Give it up,” he said, when talking about white people feigning offence whenever media demonstrates white people benefitting from institutionalised racism.

Go Go, Power Rangers!

He drew attention to the appearance of Abraham Rodriguez, who appeared in this episode. Rodriguez played the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers: Beast Morphers.

The Original Crew

In 2020, he can’t believe that he is in love with Slater and Jessie, in Saved by the Bell. He loves their dynamic, and how Slater hasn’t changed, but that Jessie “kind of has, a little bit.”

Kyle thinks Jessie and Slater fit the show perfectly, and were the right choice for who should return from the old cast.

The callbacks to the original series were fun. Slater’s list of women he’d kissed during that show, and how ludicrous they were, was a highlight.

The offbeat comedy of the cheesy stereotype characters, played against the “gritty realism” of the trio of new students who join the school, works great for Kyle.

He wasn’t sure that the Zack Morris “time out” gimmick worked for Daisy.

Got Some Free Time?

If you were a fan of the original show, Kyle said you need to set some time aside to binge this show.

He was surprised that Peacock dropped all of the episodes at once, rather than releasing them weekly.

The show knows what it is, and is much more of a parody than the original, but Kyle thinks it knows exactly what it is, and is having fun with that.

He encouraged viewers to let him know what they thought of the show.

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