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Her First Trek | Episode 4 | Podcast

In this episode of HER FIRST TREK, Katie tackles an episode from each of the first four Star Trek television shows. With myself, she talks about her problem with Deep Space Nine’s characters, and much more.

Her First Trek | Episode 4 | “Transporter Tetris”
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WandaVision | Episode 3 | Review

Watch my reaction video to the third episode of Marvel’s WandaVision. I discuss the comedy of Wanda’s pregnancy, try to connect the dots in the mystery of the show, and ask whether Wanda could well be the villain of the story?

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Welcome to my Passion Project

I first coined the phrase “Nerd Since ’86” a few years ago.

I had wanted to open an Instagram account, which would focus on all my interests and hobbies, and wouldn’t be lost among all the photos of my children that I filled my personal profile with. Nerd Since ’86 was the name I came up with, for that account.

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