The Nerd Since ’86 Podcast | Episode 1

This week, Kyle West tells you why he created Nerd Since ’86, and how this podcast will cover different content to his YouTube channel. He also discusses Stargirl season one, Titans season two, episode one of Lois & Clark, and the 1990 pilot of The Flash.

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What’s in Episode 1, “Saturday Night Superman, and the Heart of Luke Wilson”?

The Start of Something New

Kyle welcomes listeners to his Nerd Since ’86 podcast.

He describes Nerd Since ’86 as his “little passion project”, and says to expect reviews, reactions, theories, and more.

He also says that he will be featuring ratings for lots of content, despite hating ratings.

A Bit about Kyle

Age is just a number, and Kyle tells us that he is 34-years-old, albeit with the mind and hobbies of a teenager.

He is a father of two.

Kyle has been collecting DVD’s and Blu-ray’s for over 18 years. Every penny that he earned, as a 16-year-old, went towards a new DVD.

The Evolution of Nerd Since ’86.

He tells us that he came up with the name for Nerd Since ’86 several years ago.

He originally intended it to be an instagram feed, but a lack of free time meant he could not pursue the idea.

He was then going to launch the brand name as a network for his own podcasts, in January 2020. Sadly, some real life events in late-2019 put an end to those plans.

2021 was the year it finally happened, with Kyle launching the Nerd Since ’86 YouTube Channel and website on the 1st January 2021.

It now is a website dedicated to Kyle’s interests, which are mostly sci-fi and superhero-related. Primarily, it is driven by YouTube reviews, but he will put exclusive content on all the platforms he has available to him.

Fuck the Haters

His main reason for launching as a YouTube channel, was to challenge the “hit pieces” that he sees posted on YouTube against female-led science fiction or superhero movies and television shows.

He calls the online hate for Star Trek: Discovery, Star Wars, Batwoman, and more, absolutely ridiculous.

It is not genuine hate. Those “haters” are creating clickbait because they make money from it.

Realising that fans of the franchise(s) may stumble across that hateful media, Kyle decided to counter the content with positivity. He only gives his time to things he enjoys, and he chooses to celebrate those things online, rather than waste his energy complaining about them.

“I just want to be a safe space,” Kyle said.

What Does This Podcast Add to Nerd Since ’86?

Kyle sees this podcast as being bonus material, that supplements his YouTube content.

He will briefly discuss the things that he is also making videos for, but he will primarily focus on things that have not been explored elsewhere at Nerd Since ’86.

Mostly, he expects a focus on retro shows and films.

The Line-Up For This Episode

Kyle said that the line-up for this show would include Stargirl season one, Titans season two, the first episode of 1990’s The Flash, and the first episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

A Bit of Business

Kyle asks that all listeners hit the subscribe button. If possible, he’d love a five star rating on Apple Podcasts, too!

He also encouraged people to visit his YouTube channel, and subscribe.

The NS86 website is currently a hub that directs visitors to his content, elsewhere. Eventually, it will contain exclusive content.

More About Kyle

Kyle has been a nerd for his whole life.

He says he is a huge Trekkie. He loves the Arrowverse. He enjoys almost all sci-fi adventure shows, and is a massive fan of the superhero genre.

His online relationship with fandoms began 20+ years ago, when he joined the TrekBBS discussion board.

He then explored fan fiction, for many years, before expanding into podcasts.

After a long break, he returned to the world of podcasting in 2020. He appears on The Expanse – A Star Trek: Enterprise Podcast, weekly.

He has since launched two podcasts with his partner, Katie (Blast Shield! A Star Trek: Lower Decks Podcast; Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast).

Stargirl Season 1

Kyle explains how Stargirl Season 1 was originally a part of the DC Universe streaming service, but the show has since moved to The CW television network.

He chose not to watch the show, when it premiered on Amazon Prime in the UK. He wanted to wait for the Blu-ray version, for the better picture and sound quality.

He wanted to review it weekly, on his YouTube channel, but binged the show too quickly.

Kyle says that the show is incredibly good, and has a great lead actress.

The visuals are movie-quality, but Kyle wonders if they’ll be able to maintain that with The CW funding the second season on a reduced budget.

It turned him around on Luke Wilson, who Kyle says is brilliant in this, and the heart of the show.

“I do now consider myself a Stargirl fanatic,” he ended the segment with.

Titans Season 2

He explained the setup of Titans, and how the second season focused heavily on Dick Grayson’s journey toward becoming Nightwing.

Kyle feels that the storytelling format, of Titans Season 2, echoes the style made famous by Lost. He loves that for bingeing, but believes it would have made him crazy had he been watching it weekly.

As a massive fan of Arrow’s Deathstroke character, Kyle says he was very happy to see him be the main villain for this season. He calls him a Top 3 Arrowverse villain.

He prefers the Arrow version of Deathstroke, but thought that the Titans version was very good, too.

That no one ever feels safe on this show, is a huge positive, says Kyle.

The one thing Kyle didn’t like, he reveals, was Bruce Wayne. He couldn’t picture this version of Bruce Wayne ever donning the Batman cowl.

He hopes that Season 3 will strengthen the Bruce Wayne character.

The Flash – Episode 1

We are very quickly told that this is not a discussion of the currently-airing The Flash, on The CW. This is about the 1990 show, of the same name [and character].

Kyle says that the show looks incredibly dated, with bad effects, but that you just “have to be ready to accept the special effects.”.

John Wesley Shipp was a great lead actor for his, Kyle thinks.

After describing the plot, Kyle says that he enjoyed it, but it’s ridiculous that it has a higher IMDB score than Batwoman.

Kyle owns this series on DVD. He felt he had to buy it when the show was connected to the Arrowverse.

He still buys hardcopies of his favourite shows, because he doesn’t want to rely on streaming services for his content.

He’s hopeful that others will watch the show with him, weekly, for this podcast.

He thinks that the show has a vibe very similar to Tim Burton’s Batman movie.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman – Season 1 Episode 1

He says that he recently purchased the complete series on DVD, after seeing it on sale. He’d previously owned the first season, separately.

Even though he was a child when he first saw Episode 1, he has always remembered the moment where Clark Kent stops the speeding bus, and leaves the handprint behind.

Teri Hatcher’s Lois Lane was “his” Lois Lane for many years, Kyle reveals.

“It was a fun episode,” Kyle says, but it did start to drag the longer it went on.

It still feels like a Saturday evening television series, to enjoy with your family.

He’s delighted he has a chance to sink his teeth into it.

That’s It For This Week

Kyle isn’t sure what format this Nerd Since ’86 podcast will take in future, as he has a lot of other podcasts that he produces, so considers this to be his break from the chaos of those other shows.

He has yet to decide how often the show will release episodes, but says it will likely be either weekly, or bi-weekly.

“This is an opportunity for me to present myself, and the things I love, whether only one person listens, or one thousand.”

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