Catwoman (2004) | Review

In the first Bargain Bin review, I take a close look at a movie that I was too afraid to sit down and watch for 16 years: Catwoman, starring Halle Berry.

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What’s in this video?

Read on, for a full text breakdown of everything in the video. Perfect for those who are unable to watch!

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Kyle said that, for the past 18 months, he had been very curious to watch the film. It was a curiosity born out of never hearing anyone speak about the film, and having seen that it was supposedly very bad.

He needed to tick it off his list of superhero movies. He liked the Batman movies, so how bad could Catwoman be?

Kyle was about 18, when the film came out.

When it was released, he did not go to see it in a cinema. Partly due to the scathing reviews it was receiving.

He mentioned Halle Berry winning a Razzie award, for her performance in this film (that’s not a good thing!).

Bargain Bin

He said that he would never pay a large amount of money to see the film, so thankfully found a DVD copy selling very cheaply on Amazon.

He bought it very recently, so that he could speak about it for

Review Bombed, or Genuine Dislike?

The 3.4 review score on IMDB was raised. Kyle acknowledged that scores on that website can be deliberately “tanked”, due to any internet users being able to leave scores.

On this occasion, he wasn’t convinced that the score was caused by any hidden agenda against the film.

He called the score “not great”.

Kinda Diggin’ It

For the first 10-20 minutes, Kyle said he was enjoying the film.

It felt like a film of it’s time (2004). He mentioned other films that came out during that time period, such as Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hulk, Daredevil.

He said that, for some reason, Warner Bros. decided to try and cash in on the success of the Spider-Man films, by making a film about Catwoman that did not feature the Catwoman character that audiences were familiar with (Selina Kyle).

Halle Berry was a big name to cast, but Kyle didn’t think that the Catwoman brand needed a well-known star attached to it.

He said that the film felt real, in those first 20 minutes.

“Things took a turn,” he then added.

The Powers of a Cat

Unlike Selina Kyle, from the comics, Patience Phillips wasn’t simply a cat thief; she had the powers of a cat.

Tongue-in-cheek, he described the “amazing sequence” where a dead Patience Phillips became surrounded by cats, led by Midnight.

Midnight had been granting cat powers to people for centuries.

He believed that Warner Bros. gave Patience cat powers, so to help audiences understand her gimmick better.

Kyle would return to this topic several times in the video. He found it very amusing.

From Oscar to Razzie

Whilst he enjoyed Halle Berry at the start of the movie, he thought she fell apart when she had to “begin playing a cat.”

He believes that Halle Berry is exceptional when playing normal roles, but that she leaves a lot to be desired, when she starts “hamming it up.” He thought the same of her time as Storm, in the X-Men movie franchise.

Supporting Cast

Kyle was familiar with Benjamin Bratt, who was Halle Berry’s love interest, in this movie. He knew him from 24, among other things.

Sharon Stone was decent, and didn’t look like she had aged whatsoever.

He highlighted a lot of actors from other franchises, who appeared in this. Even Stargate Atlantis was represented!

The Best Bits?

Although he was baffled that Patience Phillips would climb out of her high apartment window to try and save a cat (Midnight), it was his favourite scene in the entire movie.

Despite how the character was ruined once she became Catwoman, Kyle thought that Patience Phillips was the best character in the movie.

He wasn’t sure if calling Patience the best character in the film was glowing praise.

A Powerless Supervillain

Kyle said that the majority of superhero movies are defined by their villains. The best movies in the genre have almost always had the best villains.

Due to her use of beauty treatments, Sharon Stone’s villain could not feel anything. As a result, this meant that whatever Catwoman did to her, had no effect. “Eventually, you’re going to tire,” he said of Catwoman.

He called Sharon Stone “okay”, in the movie.

The Big Twist wasn’t a Twist

Kyle discussed the decision to let the audience know that Stone was the villain, early in the movie. He felt that it undermined the big reveal for Patience, at the end of the movie, when she realised that Sharon Stone had been playing her.

“It made Patience Phillips look a bit stupid,” he said, calling it a disappointment.

He would’ve saved the reveal for the audience until the same time Patience found out.

Earth 2004

He wondered if the movie takes place within its own universe, as there was nothing in the film that connected it to any Batman lore.

Dance Choreography

Apart from the final fight sequence, Kyle thought that the fight sequences were over-choreographed, leaving them feel unnatural.

Don’t Do That!

If you are a completist, Kyle said that you have to watch it.

“Don’t walk into it expecting it to be a good film, but I don’t know that it’s a bad film.” He advised, when discussing his overall thoughts on the quality of the movie.

Overall, he said that he enjoyed the film, partly because he lowered his expectations going into it.

He said that he didn’t look at his phone once, during the movie, which is rare for him.

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