The following podcasts are produced by Kyle West:

Nerd Since ’86 – The Official Podcast

1. Saturday Night Superman, and the Heart of Luke Wilson Nerd Since ‘86

This week, Kyle West tells us why he created Nerd Since '86, and how this podcast will cover different content to his YouTube channel. He also discusses Stargirl season one, Titans season two, episode one of Lois & Clark, and the 1990 pilot of The Flash. Don't forget to subscribe to the Nerd Since '86 podcast, on whichever podcast app you are using!  zIKUOUBcTjfbDtPbEEjl
  1. 1. Saturday Night Superman, and the Heart of Luke Wilson
  2. 0. Coming Soon!

Her First Trek – A Star Trek Review Podcast
(airs at HolosuiteMedia.com)

22. Lukewarm Rainbow Blocks Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast

In “Lukewarm Rainbow Blocks”, Katie and Kyle West review “The Conscience of the King” and “The Arsenal of Freedom”, from Star Trek’s The Original Series and The Next Generation, respectively. Also, unmanned flying…
  1. 22. Lukewarm Rainbow Blocks
  2. 21. Little Klingon Growlers
  3. 20. Jetrel’s Poop Emoji
  4. 19. Naughty Little Spock
  5. 18. Odo the 3D Printer

Blast Shield! A Star Trek: Lower Decks Podcast
(airs at HolosuiteMedia.com)

22. What a Time to be a Trek Fan Blast Shield! – A Star Trek Lower Decks podcast

In “What a Time to be a Trek Fan”, Kyle and Katie West review the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks season two, “wej Duj”. Is T’Lyn set to join the Cerritos? Should Ma’ah get a spinoff series? And, is Kyle&#…
  1. 22. What a Time to be a Trek Fan
  2. 21. Gene’s Vision
  3. 20. Spam Me Up
  4. 19. Double Whammy
  5. 18. Full Cat Mode

Kyle West also appears, weekly, as Co-Host and Co-Producer on the following podcast:

The Expanse – A Star Trek: Enterprise Podcast

47. Rajiin – Full Episode Review The Expanse – An Enterprise Podcast

Bruce Gibson joins Kris, Perry, and Jordan to discuss season 3’s fifth episode. The crew talk about plot devices, owning your actions, and other topics. Supporting The Expanse We would like to thank Eve England, Stuart McIlwain and Greg Molumby for su…
  1. 47. Rajiin – Full Episode Review
  2. 46. Extinction – Full Episode Review
  3. 45. Anomaly – Full Episode Review
  4. 44. The Xindi – Full Episode Review
  5. 43. The Expanse – Full Review

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