Jessica Jones’ second season isn’t clicking for me

Soft spoilers for JESSICA JONES – SEASON 2 below…

I’m an unapologetic fanboy of Marvel’s Netflix content. When people were knocking the second season of Daredevil, I was in awe of Matt Murdoch’s story. Whilst others were criticising Iron First, I was loving the story and characters. And when some dared to accuse The Defenders of not delivering, I was basking in its eight episode glory.

With the huge focus that female-led action shows/movies are getting in today’s media, it’s safe to say that they really took their time to put out the second season of Jessica Jones, a show which originally debuted in 2015. The hype for the second season was real, and the trailers looked great, but I’ve found myself remarkably underwhelmed by the episodes themselves.

I won’t lie, I’m writing this a little late in my viewing experience. The show dropped into Netflix a month ago, and I quickly watched three episodes in the first 24 hours. But since then, I’ve had no urgency to watch any more. In fact, I’ve instead gone back to revisit shows that are 15-20 years old, that I’ve seen numerous times before.

It’s hard for me to pick out what is wrong with the show, for me at least. Part of me feels that it perhaps got down to business too quickly, giving us ZERO time to defamiliarise ourselves with this set of characters, nor the storylines that were being carried over from the 2+ years old first season. 2×01 started and, before I knew it, we were straight into this seasons new story. It was all too quick, and a set of characters that were often overlooked in the first season [so to put more focus on Jessica, her nemesis, and Luke Cage], were now carrying a show that had decided to become more of an ensemble piece than it ever was before. I lacked knowledge and familiarity, and the show wasn’t giving it to me.

There have been some nice twists and turns, especially the revelation about who Jessica was meeting with in the third episode, but beyond that… it hasn’t clicked, and I’ve not gone back to it. I will, but my time is precious these days, and I’m concerned that this season might just be laboured viewing for me.

Am I the only one that has felt this way? Has anyone else struggled to watch beyond the first few episodes?

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