Eggy Kitchen

A day spent looking after my near 7 month pregnant lady, and my 2-year-old son, demanded that I get a bit fancier with lunch today. At the request of my son, I knocked up some eggy bread (“eggy toast”, as he calls it).


Before I’d properly mixed all the ingredients together…

Kept it relatively simple. Just egg, milk and sugar in the mix for my son, and cut up into six pieces (although I cut his second piece into nine, for some unknown reason). He devoured both pieces.

For the poorly lady and myself, I added some cinnamon. It was her request, and I generally make not a fan of cinnamon, but I went along with it. I was limited to cooking one piece of bread at a time, so I wanted her to eat before me, meaning I’d be forced to have the cinnamon too. Sprinkling it over her pieces of bread wasn’t really an option, as I felt it would have affected the taste for her, so directly into the mix it went.

Cooking one at a time was a little time-consuming.

We had some legitimate Canadian maple syrup in the cupboard (brought back by the parents when they went on holiday), although there’s a likely chance that we’d already replaced it with replacement syrup at this point. We just can’t bring ourselves to throw away the very fancy glass bottle, so planned to reuse it.

We had some blueberries on the turn, so I threw those on, too. The bananas weren’t great, so we skipped those, which was a shame as banana and maple syrup goes so well together. It all got a thumbs up from my dining guests though, so I’ll take the win.

Early lunch is served…

Nothing too technical to produce, and not really worthy of mentioning here, but it made for a nice change. Can’t say I’m excited about doing the dishes though!

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