Another trip through the gate?

The last two weeks or so have been largely dominated by Stargate, if I’m honest. After watching the ‘Stargate Now’ campaign kick off on social media, focussed completely on demonstrating to MGM that there is a desire for another full-length Stargate series, I decided to watch the brand new Stargate Origins, available exclusively at the new Stargate Command website/app (click here).

Origins is a 10-part series, containing episodes ranging from 8-12 minutes in length. The format isn’t new, but to be used to do a soft re-launch of a famous TV franchise is. The series tells one whole story, focused on the character of Catherine, a woman who we know from previous Stargate movies and television was present as a child when her father helped uncover the buried Stargate.

Long story short, this new story reveals that the Stargate was actually re-activated much earlier than we thought, and that Catherine herself even travelled through it. Such an idea is a continuity clusterfuck, but Origins does wrap itself up in a neat little bow at the end, and actually does a wonderful job in its final 10 minutes of connecting the story to that of the 1994 movie, and loosely the series that followed it (Stargate SG1). I won’t spoil any of that here, but for me it was the most exciting part of the show, and gave me the appetite to watch the original movie again. It ties in so well, in my opinion. Hardcore fans may disagree.

Since then, I’ve started on the TV shows again, and am planning a gigantic re-watch. 17 seasons of television, meaning I probably still won’t be through it by this time next year!

With everything going on with the franchise, it got me thinking about how great it would be to see Stargate return with a proper show. To see the universe start putting out 60 minutes episodes again, and full seasons, would be fantastic. I’m not beholden to the same show runners returning, but that certainly would be a benefit, and either way I’d rather see the previous continuity maintained rather than reset.

The reason I mention all of this, is I came across a great video from this morning (whilst brushing my teeth!), and it wet my appetite even further. It’s absolutely worth a watch, particularly if you are a fan of the franchise. For those who aren’t, you may just find it interesting viewing anyway, particularly as it relates to how a strong and successful franchise was allowed to vanish from airwaves.


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